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    It is our mission at Great Plains Benefits Group - Employer Advisers to align strategically with our clients using our experience, knowledge, and partnerships to help them overcome challenges and reach their short- and long-term goals.

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GPBG – Employer Advisers 

Great Plains Benefits Group, Inc. is like a family medical practice for businesses and specifically business executives. Most people go to doctors primarily when they have symptoms of illness which defy their own abilities to self diagnose. A rare few go to their doctor to partner in staying well via an annual physical.

Great Plains uses state of the art diagnostic techniques to objectively evaluate companies, their resources, their relative position in their industry and their personnel to enable the decision makers of the company to plan and give vision to the company either with the intent of fixing what ails them or getting on to bigger and better events. Among the diagnostic techniques we employ, are behavior profiles, employee questionnaires, key management surveys and industry searches.

Paramount in our service to the client is the sentiment, “if it ain’t broke, we don’t fix it!”, but if it is broke we don’t pull any punches regarding the resolution to the problem. We report exclusively to the senior most decision makers of the client company and only to them. We do not perform either legal or financial advisory activities.

Back to the analogy of a Doctor with a patient, once we diagnose the ailment, we provide a series of remedies to relieve the problem and then, if requested, partner in keeping the patient, company well and growing.

Roger A. Krueger


John A. Krueger

Vice-President, PHR

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