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Robert’s Rules Of Order Parliamentary Procedure Training

Parliamentary Procedure TrainingWhen we begin working with any of our Board of Directors clients, we like to begin by making sure that we’re all “singing from the same sheet of music.”

We have been most successful when we have started out our Board Trainings with a basic overview of Parliamentary Procedures as outlined using Robert’s Rules of Order.

We now offer the service of specifically training Boards of Directors, or simply the Chairperson of a Board of Directors, with the “in’s” and “out’s” of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Roberts Rules of OrderIf you would like to know more about our training on Robert’s Rules of Order, or if you have a question concerning Parliamentary Procedure, please give us a call at 701 258 0039, or email us at and put either “Robert’s Rules of Order” or “Parliamentary Procedure” in the subject line.

Below is an excellent Parliamentary Procedures introductory video:

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