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Employee Handbook (Personnel Policy Manual)

In mid to smaller offices or those operating under a relatively close‑knit management group, policies are usually “understood”.  What this means is that while they may exist partially in black and white, managers and supervisors have a pretty good idea where the management stands on certain issues pertaining to employees.  Unfortunately, anything that can be understood can also be misunderstood.  Misunderstandings of this nature can often lead to an undercurrent of frustration and even resentment among employees.

Of course, having an employee handbook (personnel policy manual) is not necessarily the answer to all your problems in this area.  The point here is that good written policies do more than just help employers and supervisors make difficult decisionsThey provide the framework and background for such decisions which allow the employer and supervisor to explain to their employee/subordinates (and even to themselves) why a certain action or decision is the right one under the circumstances.

One may be tempted to write their own employee handbook (personnel policy manual.)  At GPBG, Inc. we liken that idea to one doing one’s own dental work, or haircut.  It can be done, but, it saves vastly more time, money, and frustration to allow someone with the experience and training to do it for you.  GPBG, Inc. will:

  • Work with you to tailor an employee handbook (personnel policy manual) customized to your company’s needs
  • Meet with your staff and walk them through the employee handbook (personnel policy manual) to ensure that everyone is “on the same page”
  • Provide an annual Maintenance Agreement that includes:
    • 24-hour assistance hotline
    • Continued communication (email, newsletter, etc.) to keep your employee handbook (personnel policy manual) up to date with any changing federal and state laws/regulations

Please call (701.258.0039), our email (, and GPBG, Inc. will setup a free consultation interview with you.  It is our privilege to serve you and your business.


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